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To honour the humble plant, which now a days are hated by so many, but so much more appreciated by a little minority of
connoissoirs, the pipesmokers, I am proud to present this pipe inspired by the leaves og Nicotina Tabacum.

It is interesting to think of, in our days of multi-everything, that tobacco for several centuries, has been grown in around eighty countries, and enjoyed in many more.

Should you wish one of these pipes you are welcome to contact me for further details.











The anti-anti-smokers pipe. Perfect for use in places where smoking is not allowed. This sample weighs only 16 grammes, and is easy to carry around during even a longer shoppingtour.

You can transform a standard corncob pipe, should you wish to follow my example, and show the pipe.




made by Guillaume Laffly - fumeursdepipe.net