Like many other people of my time, I started to smoke at the age of 14. In that summer I had my first job in the long school holiday. By chance it was at the importer of Orlik pipes in Denmark. During these few weeks I was so tempted by the nice flavour of tobacco that hung so heavily in the air, that I had to try pipesmoking, and before I left the job, I had bought my first Orlik pipe, just a cheap one and a pouch of Red Orlik tobacco.

I was now a pipesmoker, though neither dedicated nor skilled, yet. In the following years I tried quite a lot of different tobaccos and pipes of various quality. I never got the first class Orlik pipes, and I never got my Comoy´s Blue ribbon, but I got a very nice Pibe-Dan, and later on a couple Dunhill´s. After finishing school, in the age of 17, I got a job in the workshop of Erik Nørding, who at that time had around 6-7 people in his workshop. Two of these has later become wellknown of their own, Ilsted og Tao. I have regarded Ilsted as a friend since then. One more person from Nørdings workshop at that time did make a further career, allthough very short, Peter Rafn, who became Bang´s first pipemaker.



In the following years I had worked for Preben Holm, and here again with two people who has made their own name: Per Hansen ( Bang) and Poul Winsløw. After a short period there, I changed to Larsen & Stigart, now almost forgotten, but among other things they did manage to supply Dunhill with wild danish fancy pipes. I had a very short period with Zettervig and finally came to W.Ø.Larsen. A lot of well known names has passed W.Ø.Larsen´s workshop, in my time it was Ilsted, Tony Nielsen, Ivan Holst Nielsen, P.H.Vigen.
But now it was the time to etablish my own workshop, and in 1975 I made it. Since then there has been up´s and down´s, but one thing has allways been upwards, the quality of my pipes.

For a couple of years I have been teaching at danish folk high school, and for around 8 years I have been managing various projects for drug- and alcoholabusers.

Among other creative activities, painting has become one of my favourites, and I had allowed myself to show a few here. Anyway, I am still a dedicated pipesmoker.