To celebrate the start of my own workshop in 1975
there will some highlights in 2005.

First Highlight: For the first 3 customers in 2005 there will be a 30 % discount. ( Only one pipe each.)

During the year there will be a small selection of pipes made of corsican briar, which has been matured for around 30 years. These pipes will be specially marked: 2005.

Watch this page for more news during the year.

These are four pipes of my jubilee collection, click the pictures for further details.

The Pan was my first design in pipes, and was made for the first time in 1975. During the years, I have made a few of these very special hangers. Some of them are quite heavy, but they are all very good hangers, and feel lighter than their weight would indicate.
As the official start of my workshop was september, 1st 1975, I am offering this pipe to the highest bidder. Offer ends of course september, 1st 2005. The highest bid, will be shown on this page at all times.